Application Guidelines

Rental Application Requirements And Qualifying Guidelines

  • Complete and sign Executive Home Rentals Rental Application.

  • Rental Application must be complete.

    • Include two most recent pay receipts for each applicant for employment and income verification.

  • Rental Application must include photo identification and copy of Social Security Card for each applicant.

  • Minimal household income requirement:

    • Three (3) times the monthly rental rate.

  • Application processing fee:

    • $25.00 per adult on Rental Application.

    • Application processing fee includes all background checks, credit checks, criminal background checks, Social Security Fraud checks, records for judgments & collections, evictions, sexual offender background checks, contacting current and past landlords, contacting current and past employers, etc. Actual cost of our staff to process and collect the above information will exceed the

    • $25.00 fee that is charged. This is why the Application fee is non-refundable.

  • Pets:

    • Dogs; Applicant must furnish a current and valid license and photo.

    • Certain breeds of dogs categorized as "Dangerous Dogs" are not allowed.

    • Cats; Applicant must furnish current vaccination records.

  • Deposit To Reserve Residence:

    • In the event that a prospective tenant/applicant(s) changes their mind about renting a specific property, the Deposit To Reserve Residence is NONREFUNDABLE. If the prospective tenant/applicant(s) is declined residency by Executive Home Rentals for any reason whatsoever, the Deposit To Reserve Residence is FULLY REFUNDABLE. The Rental Application fee is Not Refundable.

Once Executive Home Rentals gathers the above information, Executive Home Rentals determines if a Lease will be offered to the applicant. This determination is based upon the above guidelines and the specific direction that the property owner has set as criteria for leasing their rental property. Both the applicant and the property owner will be notified if the application is approved. If the application is not approved, Executive Home Rentals will notify the applicant on behalf of the property owner. Executive Home Rentals acts as a conduit for communication, lease execution, collection of rents, property inspections, and maintenance and repairs between the tenant and the property owner, as the property owner’s agent. We have satisfied hundreds of homeowners and tenants and we are confident that we can assist you also. As the property owner’s agents, we professionally manage most of the properties that we offer for rent.

All of our rental properties are offered in the condition viewed, except when noted. It is our goal to have our residences in "Ready-To-Rent" condition. Each property owner sets individual boundaries as to what we can provide. At lease signing, tenants will be provided a detailed Property Inspection to sign indicating the condition of the rental property at the time that the lease was executed. Remember, properties vary in location, age, condition and it’s owner’s individual financial ability and willingness for improvements.

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